NeuroNav Si™

NeuroNav Si™ is a state-of-the-art MER system used clinically in the localization of surgical targets for the implantation of Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS) or ablation of target structures, in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases. The NeuroNav Si ™ allows for the safe an accurate introduction of electrodes into the brain, while recording neural activity, stimulating neural tissue, and guiding the user to the optimal target.

The NeuroNav Si™ is capable of recording up to 5 channels of spikes and 5 channels of local field potentials. With integrated micro and macro stimulation, the surgeon can switch back and forth instantly from recording to stimulation, in order to achieve maximum accuracy during the DBS procedure. The unit is completely portable for easy maneuverability. Its compact size, affordable price, and ease of use, make it ideal for community hospitals and low volume centers. Easy set-up and simplified operations allow the operator to proceed with the operation within a matter of minutes and without complications.

CRW Precision™ Arc

The Integra™ CRW® system epitomizes simplicity, quality assurance, and versatility

CT and MRI compatible
Phantom base target confirmation
Simple computer-based targeting
Total surgical field sterility
Rigid construction

Because of its unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and quality assurance, the CRW system is the world's premier stereotactic system. The CRW system can be configured as a basic CT-only system, a CT/MR scanner-dependent system, or a high-level CT/MR scanner-independent system with the quality assurance of a phantom base.