About Us

*NeuroBio Engineering has been established for Boston Scientific Deep Brain Stimulator Product line market access and expanditure with 7 years experience in neuromodulation area. The member of the organization are PhD in Health Management, Biomedical Engineers and Biomedical Technicians. Since November 2015, NeuroBio Engineering is the distributor of Boston Scientific Turkey for Deep Brain Stimulator product line and since January 2018 NeuroBio Engineering is the only Sales Agent of Boston Scientific for Deep Brain Stimulator and Spinal Cord Stimulator product lines.

*NeuroBio Engineering has additionally the distributorship of Alpha Omega GmbH for Micro Electrode Recorindg System and INTEGRA CRW (Stereotactic Frame and Software) in Turkish territory.

*The scope of our organisation is mostly in Research and Educational Hospitals of Turkish Ministry of Health, Private Hospital Groups, Private University Hospitals and Government Hospitals.